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Home Accessibility Statement


Websites that use advanced technology to allow people with disabilities easy access and interaction with their content are considered accessible.  We recognizes the importance of allowing all users equal access to this website, has invested resources to ensure its' accessibility. 

Site accessibility

Content: the information in this website has been written in simple, clear terms that allow easy access to all.

Font size: can be adjusted to the reader's preference

Colors: background, title and text color can be changed and adjusted, from a fixed set of colors, to the reader's preference. Contrast can also be adjusted.

Links: can be highlighted by a shadow or a background.

Keyboard shortcuts: This entire website may be accessed from the keyboard.  Pressing the tab key will take you from link to link and to different areas on the page. In addition, a list of keyboard shortcuts to get back to the home page, page content or to search can be found in the accessibility bubble at the top right side of the page.

Inaccessible pages in the site

All parts of this website are accessible.

Contacting the site manager

We will preserve and improve the accessibility of this web site in order to provide all users easy and equal access to its's contents.  

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